O que significa noticias?

ACOSTA, J. In this appeal we consider whether New York courts may exercise personal jurisdiction over defendants based on the establishment of a foreign investment program, where the operative contracts establishing the program were negotiated and executed in New York. Plaintiff appeals from an order dismissing his claims against defendants Dantas, Opportunity Equity Partners, Ltd.

But they will try to, even if their friends Barata (a convict bachelor totally skeptical when it comes to love) and Marta (a mathematic analyst who wishes that human relations were just as exact as numbers are).

Un estudio demostró qual quienes tienen un menor entendimiento por la ciencia tuvieron las opiniones más opuestas a esta, pero piensan qual saben más al respecto. Crear confianza entre los científicos y el público es necesario para difundir el conocimiento.

In March 2012, plaintiff commenced the instant action in Supreme Court, seeking compensation allegedly owed to him for his role in the side-by-side investment program. He alleges that defendants earned billions of dollars in profits but never paid him the 5% of the carried interest promised to him by Dantas and mentioned in the Shareholder Agreement. The Citibank defendants removed the action to the Southern District of New York and obtained a dismissal of the claims against them on the merits.

Una hacker arrestada en Seattle accedió a la información personal por titulares y solicitantes por tarjetas do empréstimo

Meanwhile, the Globo reporter was airlifted off the ranch by Agropecuária Santa Bárbara. The Globo video, which does not discuss the events leading up to the conflict, was orchestrated to criminalize the MST and turn public opinion against it.

Today, he is on the run in Switzerland and is being investigated for prevarication, corruption and crimes against the national financial system.

Wilson moves for summary judgment as to liability on his claim for breach of fiduciary duty, and defendants move to dismiss the claim in its entirety based upon the language of the shareholders agreement. Wilson's contention is that his relationship to defendants, Dantas, the managing director of the OEP/general partner, OEP LP, and OI-II, the majority owner of OEP/general partner, is a traditional fiduciary one of trust and confidence, and contains the elements associated with promoters of a transaction, joint venturers, fiduciaries, partners and/or quasi-partners.

At Citibank's direction, plaintiff moved to Brazil in or around August 1997 to assist with the management of the Fund as an employee and shareholder of OEP with a 1% ownership interest.

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Separately, Dantas is weighing additional investments into artificial intelligence technology. Things are going so well for Dantas, in fact, that he check here qualifies for the Bloomberg Billionaires Index for the first time. A new analysis of his finances puts his wealth at $1.8 billion.

Mr. Wilson next contends that defendants' failure to disclose the terms of the 2008 Settlement Agreement was a breach of the Shareholders' Agreement. The Shareholders' Agreement does not require the disclosure of settlements, and even if such an obligation existed, Mr. Wilson has more info alleged no injury from the failure to provide him the information concerning the settlement (which it is undisputed he now possesses). The validity of his claim arising from the breach of an alleged promise to use part of the settlement to pay his share of the carried interest does not depend on any breach relating to the provision of information, especially because OEP, the General Partner, was contractually entitled to make all decisions unilaterally, except "Important management decisions," for which it needed approval of 51% of the shareholders.

The violence took place at the Espírito Santo cattle ranch in here the municipality of Xinguara, in the state of Pará. About 120 families organized in the MST have been occupying part of the thousand-acre ranch since February.

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